Pineapple (Pack of 2)

Say goodbye to the mess with a box of Pineapple Frubites.

Everyone knows that pineapples are healthy and tasty, but don’t we all hate the messy process! Well, we’ve done the labor for you so you can directly enjoy the fruit. Grab your pack now!
Nutrition Information (100 grams)

*Based on 2000 calorie diet

  • Protein 3.46g
  • Carbohydrate (by difference)84.2g
  • Energy (by Calculation)353Kcal
  • Total Dietary Fiber 8.46g
  • Manganese 22.7mg
  • Saturated Fat 0.24%
  • Fructose 6.24g
  • Vitamin C 214.8mg
Rs. 160
Pack of 2