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Naughty kids make for funny Tiktok videos, but only the mothers know how “not funny” their tantrums can be. A modern-day mom, juggling her personal and professional life, has to be a master of all trades. Here are 5 quick snack ideas that are delicious and filled with nutrients, to make your life a tad bit easier:

  • Egg Fried Rice

Get the leftover cooked rice out of the refrigerator. Scramble some eggs, fry some chopped onions, garlic, beans, mushrooms and the like. To it, add the rice and scrambled eggs and stir for 2-3 minutes. Add the tang with some soy /chili sauce. Your kid is going to devour this all-time-favorite Chinese dish.

  • Indian Pasta

Put a desi twist to this videshi dish. Boil some pasta. Prepare the sauce by frying some mustard seeds, black gram, red lentils, and onions in oil. Add tomato puree, salt, ginger, garlic, fenugreek, and cook the mixture for a few minutes. Toss the pasta in the sauce, let it cook for 1-2 mins and serve!

  • Fruit Salad:

Give your child the all natural fruit snacks he can’t resist! Just chop up a few of your kid’s favorite fruits and toss them with some honey/maple syrup/chocolate sauce or Nutella. And if you are running late substitute the fruits with a pack of nutrient-rich Frubites, which are just dried fruits without added sugar and #WithoutTheFuss.

  • Bread Sushi:

If your child is hooked on to MasterChef and likes having fancy-looking food, serve him this oh-so-handsome Bread Sushi. Cut the crust off the slices and flatten the bread with a rolling pin. Layer one side of the bread with peanut butter, jam, mustard or any other condiment your child loves. Roll the bread from one end to another, garnish with a few freeze dried strawberries from your packet of Frubites and voila! Scrumptious bread sushi is ready to plate!

  • Club Paratha Wrap:

For kids who are always on their toes, this is the quickest option to chomp upon. Make small parathas, spread your child’s favorite sandwich dressing on one side, add some lettuce, tomato, chopped sausages/fried mushrooms. Top off with cheese, roll it and box it up!

Keep experimenting with a variety of food for your tantrum-throwers, but have these snack ideas as a backup for when your creative juices run dry!




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