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We trek not to escape life, but so life doesn’t escape us.” However, when you are hiking or trekking, you lose energy much faster than you anticipate. While you follow the trail, keep your diet on track and your energy level optimum, with these quick and healthy snacks!

  • Always carry a mix of items like a pack of trail mix (a mixture of freeze dried fruit and nuts), few chocolates like Snickers or some energy bars. These take less space and are easier to carry than too much of real food and there are no spillover-worries as well!
  • For a more filling meal, pack some ready-made salad pouches, whole-grain tortillas, or meat jerky. These will not let you cut slack on the protein intake. Proteins provide you with the optimum energy that you need to continue on your trail amidst nature.
  • If your food tastes a little bland, carry individual packets of mayo, mustard, tomato ketchup or soy sauce to add the tang to your meals.
  • Pack enough ready-to-eat meals like cereals, fruit chews, and real fruit snacks like Frubites in your favorite fruit flavor, or cup-noodles that can be instant hunger-solutions.
  • Sweat it out but keep your body hydrated. Always carry enough bottled water, as you never know if the available water on your trek is going to be safe for consumption or not.

If you are a novice in trekking or hiking and are still getting used to the experience, this list will certainly help you to keep your energy level up, while you explore the trail.




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