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Vacation is not your excuse to go to town on that plate of delicacy. If you want to still maintain your waistline by the end of the trip, here are some awesome tips to help you follow your diet while still enjoying vacay mode!

Trade the burger for salads:

Rather than a drive-through fast-food joint, stop at a grocery store that offers whole foods—fruits, bagged carrots, nuts,natural dry fruits —or a supermarket that has a salad bar. This way, you quickly expand your choices (and reduce your junk-food temptations).

Proteins are your new BFF:

Eating the right amount of complete protein containing all the essential amino acids your body requires to maintain your weight and activity level, stabilizes blood sugar, boosts your energy, and keeps you active all day. Plus, proteins keep you feeling fuller for longer, and deters phantom hunger pangs.

Pack your nuts:

Often while traveling, we don’t have access to food and skip meals to gorge upon a big piece of cake. Your body responds to this as if it’s facing a food shortage and slows down your metabolism to prevent you from starving. To keep your mind and body active, pack non-fussy, healthy snacks like almonds, raw vegetables, yogurt, berries, fruit chews, fresh and dried fruit without added sugar, or ditch everything and carry a few packs of Frubites to get all the nutrients of real fruits without the fuss of peeling, slicing, dicing, and chopping.

 Hydration is key:

Just like machines needs lubrication, your body needs hydration. Sometimes when you feel hungry, chances are that you are thirsty. Water will help you avoid cravings, help with the jet lag and other symptoms due to overexposure to the heat or sun.


Keep your diet on check, but don’t forget to soak in the experience of the vacation. Indulge in the occasional treats of the place, or else, you might miss on the lifetime experience that traveling brings your way!




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