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Planning on a solo trip or a family holiday? Take a smart decision and have a rundown of the items you need to pack.Take a sneak peek at this list to make sure you do not miss on anything.

  • Check “The List”:

First thing on this list, has to be “the list”. Be smart and pack minimal. Over packing may fetch you more likes on your social media OOTDs, but it will not let you travel light. Even before you start to pack, create a checklist so that you have all the things you need to pack, jotted down. Medicines, tickets, chargers, and batteries go on top of the list.

  • Mix and Match:

Plan your outfits. Pairing up your dresses and packing accordingly, makes you pack light.

Pro tip: carry basic pieces like white tees and black pants and easily style them in a number of ways.

  • Don’t forget the munchies:

Stuck on your way to the hotel? Munch on some organic snacks! Instead of skipping your meal, pack some nutritional and filling snacking options and take the healthier path. Carry a few packets of Frubites in your favorite dried pineapples, banana, strawberry, mango or chikoo flavor and never travel hungry.

  • Makeup which says “I woke up like this”:

Makeup and toiletries take up almost 18% of your luggage space. Nowadays, most hotels provide you with the basic toiletries. If not, then carry travel packs. Carry makeup products that can be used for multiple purposes and if needed, skip on the makeup altogether and let your skin breathe in the changed environment.

  • Flaunt your identity:

If you are traveling to a foreign land, always carry your Passport and copies of ID proof in your handbag. It will help you get out of any kind of sticky situation.

Traveling opens you up to a world of unknown. Soak in the novel experience and earn the badge of an ideal traveler. Respect the people, customs, and culture and enjoy the incomparable hospitality of the locals.

Happy travels!!!




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