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Kids love snacking. And those untimely hunger pangs and the knack to constantly munch is your ticket to giving them the right nutrition. And why not put them in charge directly by letting them make their own snacks so they can feel like a Masterchef.

Here are 5 delectable yet easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy snack ideas that the young chefs can whip up quickly and without the fuss!

  • Fruit and cheese kebab

Cheese is every child’s best friend. And when it is mixed with their favorite fruits, it not only looks picture-perfect but is rich in nutrients as well. Give your kid a bowl of cut pineapples, apples, strawberries (or if you are feeling lazy, just hand them a pack of Frubites) and cheese cubes. Show them how to thread them on to a wooden kebab stick and watch them be mesmerized with their own creation.

  • Butter popcorn with an Indian tadka

When your kids’ friends come over for a pajama party, they inevitably end up watching some Disney movie while looking for something to munch on. This time, let your kid take charge. Hand your kid a paper bag with 2/3rd cup of kernels. Ask him to add 1 tbsp butter, close the bag, shake it well and put it in the microwave. When the kernels pop for almost 30 seconds, take the bag out and let the rest of the kernels pop. Open the bag, add 1 tsp of chaat masala and shake to mix. The kids will love this beloved movie-snack, with a spicy twist!

  • Healthy peanut butter balls:

The next time your kid nags you about preparing a treat for them, hand over this recipe and ask them to treat you instead. Take a bowl of freeze-dried fruits or just a pack of banana, strawberries and chikoo flavored Frubites. Put it in the blender, add in 2tbsp honey and blend into a smooth paste. Fold in ½ a cup of peanut butter with the blend. Scoop up about 1tsp of the final mixture, roll it up into tiny bite-sized delight and start munching.

  • Chef’s special fruit-wrap

Make your kid feel grand with this chef’s delight. Take a rolling pin and roll 4 slices of whole-wheat breads. Smear one-side with chocolate spread/honey/peanut butter. Add freeze-dried strawberries or a pack of chikoo frubites on one corner of the flat bread and roll it up. This fruit wrap is delicious and is filled with the goodness of real fruits.

  • Frozen strawberry bites

These bite-sized treats are perfect for holiday afternoons. Mix 1 cup Greek yogurt and 1 tsp honey. Take each organic freeze-dried strawberry frubites on a toothpick, dunk it in the mix and let them freeze into bite-sized yummy snacks.

These easy and nutritious and finger-licking snacks that your kid can make for themselves, will develop the motor skills of your child and let you spend some quality time with the little one.




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